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Company History

Seismotech, Ltd.

Seismotech Ltd. company was founded in 2010. For tens of years of its activity in the fields of seismic data processing, geophysical software development and correspondent scientific researches, the unique team has been created as the basis of the company.

V.M. Glogovsky (1936-2008), a doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, an outstanding mathematician and geophysicist, was the founder of the company team and the author of the concept of interpretative seismic data processing. He developed the applied theory of reverse kinematic problem solution - the depth-velocity model building along with its compatibility and consistency verification. Glogovsky realized the interactive approach and operational usage of a priori information, which enables specialist to make the geologically meaningful decision directly within the workflow of seismic data processing.

One of the main advantages of Seismotech Ltd. is the long-term experience in software development combined with the service performance directly in the field of the software application.

This combination of leading theory with the practical work aimed at the modern achievements in the field of hardware and technological solutions during the long-term cooperation with demanding foreign specialists and leading Russian academic institutes supported the intensive evolution of full-function software system, being unique due to its philosophy and algorithms - Prime software system, designed for interpretative processing of seismic data.

Milestones - Prime philosophy evolution
CGE 1975 - 1995 CGE
Tools for the inverse kinematic problem solution
CGG 1995 - 1998 CGG
GeoTechSystem 1998 - 2008 GeoTechSystem
Integrated system of 2D wave field parameterization and the inverse kinematic problem solution.
GeoPrime (IGSS) 2008 - 2010 GeoPrime (IGSS)
Seismotech 2010 - 2012 Seismotech
Fully integrated system for 2D, 3D & 4D seismic data interpretive processing (Prime).
Yandex.Terra 2012 Yandex.Terra
Integration of Seismotech software and Yandex technologies